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20/04/12 NEW! ANCIENT GREECE Age 7-11 NEW!!
Whiteboard Active contains the best of BBC Video, alongside pictures, text and activities, to provide you and your pupils with unforgettable lessons.
Learning about the past is greatly enhanced by the creativity and excitement provided by links with the wider curriculum. Ancient Greece is a rich area for incorporating many other subjects, such as science, design and technology, art and geography. Subject links are included for each unit, where relevant.
The development of literacy skills, in line with the requirements of the Primary National Strategy, is embedded in all aspects of this resource. (PC only).

Key Features
Where and when was Ancient Greece?
Ancient Greek Language
Going to school
Women's lives
The Persian Wars
Democracy in Athens
Myth and legends
Going to the theatre
The ancient Olympic Games
The legacy of Ancient Greece

Ancient Greece Whiteboard Acrtive

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