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    16/04/08 RITES OF PASSAGE Rites of Passage is a new Whiteboard Active title just released from BBC Active. The content covers The journey of Life and looks at all the major religions.


    19/01/09 FIND OUT ABOUT HOMES Brand new Whiteboard Active! NEW!! Following the same approach as Find Out About Ourselves, this fantastic new resource for your interactive whiteboard explores the topic of homes and the places we live. Engaging video clips and activities help to motivate and involve the children, creating an active learning experience. Key Features Contents include: Different homes Looking inside Looking outside Special homes Story homes Animal home

  • Beliefs& Belonging Age 5-7

    22/02/09 Beliefs& Belonging Age 5-7 NEW Whiteboard Active title for Ages 5-7

  • HISTORY for Ages 5-7

    11/06/08 HISTORY for Ages 5-7 Famous Men Women and Children - a superb new Whiteboard Active title from BBC Active. Contents: Mary Seacole; Louis Braille; Beatrix Potter; Neil Armstrong; Walter Tull; Elizabeth 1 and Nelson Mandela.

  • NEW Handwriting Pens!

    30/03/09 NEW Handwriting Pens! Beautiful new right and left handed Handwriting pens from Pelikan Griffix!

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