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GEOGRAPHY: Water: A Precious Resource - Age 7-11

Resource Information

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The value of water is clearly presented in this highly interactive and thought-provoking CD-ROM. There are strong cross-curricular links with history, music, literacy and art, allowing for a truly comprehensive exploration of the subject.
Through the best of BBC video, stimulating images, audio and activities, your class is guided through the following areas:
Unit 1: Water all around us: features of a river, rain, the water cycle
Unit 2: Water for living: water in the home, accessing water in third world countries, water treatment
Unit 3: Water issues: flooding, droughts, pollution, threats to wildlife
Unit 4: The uses of water: fishing, agriculture, canals, leisure

Key Features

  • Each page of the CD-ROM(for PCs only) is packed with information and activity ideas, ensuring that all aspects of water for ages 7-11 are covered.
  • Each pack comes with a teacherís book containing further activities, support and subject information.
  • The product is clearly mapped against the curriculum, and allows the user to search within the title for key objectives and keywords.