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SCIENCE: Find Out About Science - Age 5-7

Resource Information

REDUCED TO £125.00 (from £150.00) !
Young children are our guides as we explore the world
around us and investigate all units from the QCA scheme of
work for Key Stage 1 Science in this delightful new resource
for your whiteboard.
Unit 1: Party time
Unit 2: How does your garden grow?
Unit 3: Creatures great and small
Unit 4: A wonderful world
Unit 5: Toys and games
Unit 6: Whatever the weather
Unit 7: Let's eat!
Unit 8: Light and dark
Unit 9: Can you hear it?
Unit 10: Playtime
Assessment opportunities are highlighted and simple
ideas for differentiating are available for all activities.
Each topic is introduced in a very child-friendly context,
ensuring children are involved and motivated to find out

Key Features

  • The accompanying teacher’s book makes planning quick
  • and simple. It highlights cross-curricular links and is
  • packed full with suggestions for extending your pupils’
  • learning and making lessons dynamic and fun.
  • Search by objective or asset to go straight to what you
  • need.
  • Contents:
  • • Ourselves
  • • Growing plants
  • • Sorting and using materials
  • • Light and dark
  • • Pushes and pulls
  • • Sound and hearing
  • • Health and growth
  • • Plants and animals in the local environment
  • • Variation
  • • Grouping and changing materials
  • • Forces and movement
  • • Electricity
  • PC only.