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IRIS STUDY CARDS - Year 1 - Enwau Rhifau

Resource Information

This series of Iris Numeracy Study Card sets is ideal for children aged 5-7 giving them plenty of practice at key numeracy skills using the highly rewarding self-checking Iris System. There are 10 titles in the series. Each pack of 10 cards has 100 questions in total, giving lots of opportunity to explore each concept. The cards encourage good mental calculation strategies as no written answers are required. The Iris Numeracy Study Cards are fun to use and are highly motivating as children are able to monitor their own success though the special self-checking answer side of the card. As well as the correct pattern, the child can also see the answer explained which greatly enhances the learning experience.

Key Features

  • Wedi’u cyflwyno’n ddi-drefn, mae’r plant yn cyfateb rhifau 0 i 20 â’u henwau.
IRIS STUDY CARDS  - Year 1 - Enwau Rhifau
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