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100 Smart Whiteboard Lessons - Teaching resources and books for schools

100 inspirational lessons to use with your Smartboard for Reception to Year 6.

Essential for all Smartboard users – over 50 high-quality full-lesson Notebook files in every year saving you hours of preparation time.
Perfect for all levels of experience – includes use of all Notebook tools, generic support and illustrated glossary.
Build your own Notebook files, with comprehensive instructions and a supporting bank of Gallery images.
Linked photocopiable activities provide independent work away from the board.
Linked to the Renewed Framework for Literacy and Mathematics, QCA and the NC programmes of study.
Shows when to use whiteboards in the lesson – includes ideas for class, group and independent work.
Just look at what you get on the CD-ROM!
50+ high quality prepared Notebook files using the full functionality of Smartboards.
Banks of Gallery images, supports you to build your own Notebook files.
‘What to do’ boxes offer ‘at the board’ teacher support.
Integrated fun Flash activities help bring your lessons to life.
Includes editable planning grids to integrate into your existing planning, plus all photocopiable activities from the resource book for you to print out.